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I send you a warm “Thank You” for deciding to prepare a review of my new book, WHAT JESUS WOULD SAY TO SAME-SEX COUPLES.

For your efforts, you’ll get the book for free in return. Taking part in this service you accept our terms and conditions.

Find here a detailed description of the whole online book review service. If you have still questions about the process, or about anything else related to book reviews, you are welcome to contact us directly.

1. Access the text of my book

How can I access an online review copy?

Get Now  Click on the “Get Now” button and, after uploading a free review copy of my book in PDF format, you can immediately start reading the book.

How can I read the PDF file?

You can read the PDF copy in any PDF reader.  I myself prefer Nitro Reader because of its ease of use and the fact that it allows you to attach your personal notes as you read.  Click here to download your free copy of Nitro Reader.

How do I prepare my book review?

Use straight forward and clear language.  What does the author intend to do?  How well does he do it?  Don’t forget to use a spell check when finished and/or to show it to a critical friend.

How and where do I get my review published?

  • First of all, consider those newspapers and journals that you know best.  Contact the book review editor and explore whether you can be officially assigned to produce a book review of my book.  This will assure you that once you write a review that it will be accepted.  My own preference would be the book reviews in the National Catholic Reporter.
  •  Next consider whether you are a regular visitor of any website that would be interested in including your book review.   Your review could take the form of  blog.  My own preference would be for the Association of Catholic Priests in Ireland.
  • Next consider doing a Google search using the keywords “book reviews online.”  Using this, you will discover a boatload of sites that publish book reviews.  My own preference is for goodreads.com.
  • You might want to publish your review on Amazon.com.  In that case, I ask that you would publish the review on two out of three sites: USA, UK, and AU.

[ 1 ] Click here for Amazon paperback version in USA.
[ 2 ] Click here for Amazon paperback version in UK+IE.
[ 3 ] Click here for Amazon paperback version in AU.

2. Send us your review

Once your review is published, please tell me the good news.  Send me an email addressed to reviews@Jesus4Lesbians.com. Include the following:

  1. What–The text of your review in an attachment.  Use one of the following formats: PDF or WORD.
  2. Where–Give full details of where and when your book review was published.
  3. Proof–Give proof in the form of the web address where I can see the review or a pic of the review in the printed journal or newspaper.
  4. Address–Supply your name and postal address where I will be able to send you the book.
  5. Subject–In the subject line of your email, insert the title of your review and the date that it was published.

3. Receive a “Thank You” copy of my book

When I receive your email, your “Thank You” copy of my book will be sent to you at your registered address without any delay.  Well Done!



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