What Protestant pastors are preaching about homosexuality



Contributed by Paul Wallace on Aug 24, 2004

The Church must redemptively address the homosexual community.


What Do You Say To A Homosexual Series

Contributed by Jeff Strite on Jul 13, 2014

What do say to a homosexual? Do you say it’s “Ok?” That it is none of your business that they live like that? Or that they’re going to hell and God hates them?


Counter-Cultural Christianity: Homosexuality Series

Contributed by Brian Bill on Jan 26, 2015

We must be biblically correct, not politically correct.

Counter-Cultural Christianity: Homosexuality Rev. Brian Bill January 24-25, 2015 Opening Video: “Love Defined” An unloving group that calls themselves a church and uses the name Baptist is spreading a message of judgment and hatred in the QCA this weekend by picketing and …read more

Homosexuality In The Light Of The Scriptures Series

Contributed by Jerry Shirley on May 18, 2004

Truthful and Tactful look at this sin, and the sinners which God loves involved in it. Link included to formatted text and Powerpoint.

What does the Bible say about Homosexuality? (Questions Series) [Hundreds of free formatted text sermons, complete with Powerpoint Presentations, are at our website…link is at bottom of this sermon.] God loves all people, including homosexuals. And thus, like Christ, Christians (forgiven …read more

A God’s Eye View Of Homosexuality Series

Contributed by Steven Haguewood on Jul 31, 2008

There is much talk from advocates of gay rights and homosexuality, how does their rhetoric measure up against the true teaching of the Bible?

A GOD’S EYE VIEW HOMOSEXUALITY Text: Romans 1:24-27 Scripture Reading: Genesis 2:18-26 INTRODUCTION 1. Let me share with you some insight into the mind of gay rights advocates: a. “The main thing is to talk about gayness until the issue becomes thoroughly tiresome…” b. “Seek desensitization …read more

Is Homosexuality A Legitimate Lifestyle?

Contributed by Stephen Schwambach on Nov 14, 2006

This is a message of love, compassion and hope for those who are caught in the sin of homosexuality.

IS HOMOSEXUALITY A LEGITIMATE LIFESTYLE? Romans 1:26-32 BTCC 3/2/03 IMAG: VIDEO FOX REPORT – 2:22 BEGIN: “But first on Fox Tonight, the hit Broadway musical ‘Rent’ debuts in Owensboro tonight.” Members of the Trinity Baptist Church holding signs: DYKES SATANS WHORES THIS WAY TO …read more

What Is The Sin Of Homosexuality?

Contributed by Ralph Andrus on May 19, 2007

Uncovering the myths of homosexuality

PowerPoint Available + New Slide > Transition The Top 10 Issues Facing Today’s Church > 1-Prayer > 2-Discipleship > 3-Leadership > 4-Evangelism > 5-Doctrine /Worldview > 6-Apathy > 7-Marriage > 8-Relevance > 9-Homosexuality > 10-Abortion. > April 17, 1952 – 1st Thursday …read more

What About Homosexuality?

Contributed by Patrick Wooten on Jan 18, 2005

What does the Bible say directly about the topic of homosexuality?

Today we are going to talk about a topic that has been in the news for sometime and seems to be gaining momentum. A topic that in recent years has ceased to be taboo and has become rather chic. We are talking about HOMOSEXUALITY. The church world for the most part has accepted the traditional …read more

Homosexuality: How The Church Was Wrong Series

Contributed by Ryan Akers on Jul 7, 2008

Pastor Ryan continues his forbidden series by discussing the lifestyle of homosexuality and how the church has been wrong in how it has dealt with those who practice this lifestyle.

Right Or Wrong: God’s View Of Homosexuality

Contributed by Jeffery Richards on Aug 28, 2001

Hot topic but important topic; this message takes a close look at some of the lies of homosexuality. It compares them with the truth of God’s Word and closes with a planned approach.

Right or Wrong? The Biblical View of Homsexuality “On my honor I will do my best To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. A scout is : Trustworthy, Loyal, …read more

A Word Corrupted. . .a Life Destroyed. . .gay

Contributed by James Groce on Aug 10, 2002

Just as a lovely and one time innocent word of the English language became befouled by association to a demonic lifestyle, likewise we witness the destruction of many innocent lives that come in contact with the homosexual lifestyle.

Just as a lovely and one time innocent word of the English language (gay) became befouled by association to a demonic lifestyle, likewise we witness the destruction of many innocent lives that come in contact with the homosexual lifestyle. Observe the following remarks: We are living in an age …read more

Homosexuality: When Our Natural Desires Aren’t Natural

Contributed by Brad Bailey on Aug 6, 2004

Searching for a Biblical understanding of the basics of sexual morality based.

I want to address a topic that is as difficult as any topic we could address today…. homosexuality. It’s a subject that has become as politically charged as any in recent years. As the homosexual movement has developed a strong political voice, the response from traditional conservatives has …read more

God’s Eye For The Queer Guy Series

Contributed by Gary Cox on Apr 20, 2004

What is our response as God’s people to homosexuality

WE begin a new series today titled “culture in crisis”. I think it was Merle Haggard who had a song in the 80’s describing America that said “Were rolling down hill like a snowball headed for hell”. That is a pretty good description. Amazingly we live in a world where What was once bad is now …read more

Gay, But Not Happy

Contributed by Brad Froese on Jul 18, 2006

An encouraging (but reforming) sermon for people who are ’gay’ but not happy.

Today, I will be using the term ‘gay’ in both its original form and its contemporary form, so let me define it both ways for you this morning. Originally, GAY meant: to be characterized by colorful and lighthearted excitement: MERRY. As in, “Have a GAY day!” In the old days, wishing your …read more

Straight Talk On Gay Marriage

Contributed by Clarence Peters on Jul 23, 2005

Gays can expect kindness, understanding and respect (love), but not agreement with lifestyle and “marriage” (truth).

Text: topical Function: The listeners will examine their response to gays on the grid of truth and love. Fifty years ago, if I said, “I’m gay”, you would have thought, “Oh, he’s happy.” If I said that today, most of you would think I’m either lying or homosexual. That shift also shows the …read more


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